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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Onward to new battlefields

If you received abusive blog comment posts either posted here in response to your own posts or on your own blog after visiting my site this last summer and autumn please contact me. It would be great if you collected IP information* but not totally necessary. If you were harassed sexually or threatened either overtly or subtly report it to the FBI preferably at
FBI San Francisco
450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th. Floor
San Francisco, California 94102-9523
(415) 553-7400 They have my previous complaints on file though are generally busy with the work of their corporate masters and political attacks.

If you would prefer another office of the FBI you can find their address here Crimes that involve crossing state lines are FBI country so it may be just as well.

If you know what the particular IP addresses involved are you can track down their service provider and file a complaint though that may not be of immediate help to me. Also if you are suspicious of a particular IP address in your servers logs I can verify whether or not it is the same as those who have stalked me.

Other addresses and general resources for dealing with harassment and internet stalking.

more on cyber stalking and other internet facilitated crime

Cyber crime reporting DOJ

If you are a local resident of Humboldt County, California or just want to see what is up with me these days check out my new web site I have been involved in civil litigation which will likely go on for a while and am looking forward to criminal case(s) which can be facilitated by your help with abuse reporting. We are also exploring possibilities for a class action suit against this (Humboldt) county, one of the most corrupt in America. A good place to have a meth lab or pot farm though.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New site

I have neglected this site for some time now due to other commitments, malicious litigation and a shift to more local involvement where litigation is likely to be the next battlefield against government corruption as it is on the national battlefield.

I worked with attorneys here in the 80s gathering evidence of police wrong doing with a bonus of bringing down some actual criminals the far right wing government agenda would never have bothered with in their zeal to silence pro democracy forces here. The police wrong doing was mostly not too severe at that time; I never witnessed any Rodney King style incidents, never even heard any allegations of any. Pilots breaking FAA regulations by flying below 500 feet were the main thing along with looting by ground forces who seemed to be predominately from southern California. The other thing was that the Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputies assigned to each inter agency unit steered away from the large ranches owned mostly by 3rd and 4th generation families where many millions of dollars worth of pot were grown and targeted "hippies" who more often than not had 5 or 6 scrawny yellow plants and little else. The units also did wide arcs around the places where there were growers with guns and other weaponry. Much of that has been corrected, mostly in the next couple years after the initial onslaught.

Individual police officers who I encountered on these raids were generally, in fact pretty much always cordial even when we happened to end up in their crime scene. The most intentionally abusive incidents I witnessed were pilots chasing people and livestock to "give them adrenaline rushes". People on ATVs were automatically targeted regardless of whether or not they were engaged in illegal activity. We got individual judgements against CAMP in some cases for destruction and theft of property and won the class action. CAMP's success in eradicating the out of control grow scene here increased dramatically after that and I think that a lot of the reason was that, when held accountable to the high standards people with such power should be held to, they gained respect, support and effectiveness.

What has never changed for the better is protection. If you are assaulted there is usually no justice; we are disarmed and not allowed to defend ourselves, the police are too late to defend us against an act that may take less than 10 seconds and are busy settling domestic disputes, acting as dog catcher, taking hoards of frivolous calls from paranoiacs, people wishing to sic them on others they have a dispute with for the purpose of smearing them or just "gittin'" them, attacking political enemies of fascism and arresting homeless people, people with mental disabilities and so on. The Sheriff in Humboldt County, like law enforcement elsewhere, does not investigate "hippy murders", does not come to shooting scenes until the shooting has stopped and, in the New Feudalism, co-opts law enforcement of renters to landlords who have no training, tools or authority to police their tenants. Justice is strictly a matter of economics. If you are a big corrupt corporation you not only win but buy new laws that legalize your corruption. If you are poor, homeless or mentally impaired you go to jail no matter what you do. While our prison rates have sky rocketed in the last 25 years our crime rates have remained high, our criminals have remained vicious and far more people at home and abroad hate our guts...enough to die flying aircraft into our ivory towers. It is time to pull out of our own blind and suicidal dive or die.

The new local site is Humboldt Corruption and is largely empty. I am certainly gathering material for it as well as for an age of litigation now being heralded by the stacking of the Supreme Court and the implementation of cynical laws like the recently passed alteration of existing telecommunications laws to make anonymous harassment on the internet illegal. We all know that no anonymous harassers will be affected unless they say things that displease the Bush administration. Threatening people, stalking people and the like are already ilegal regardless of how you accomplish it. Anonymous posting, especially on political sites, is essential in a democracy just like secret ballots in elections. Like those who post abusive material anonymously, the designers of this new law hate our freedom...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Enron, Iraqi Oil and the Government

We all know now that Enron was crooked. Many know that Bush and his administration, heavily laden with energy corporation biggies, were intimately connected with Enron. How they were connected and how Enron was corrupt is generally less well known. The explanation is simple and the reason it is less well known is that the same inherently corrupt Wall Street/Government culture remains greedily entrenched at the trough with the help of the same brand of PR that was epitomized in Enron. While running up huge multi billion dollar debts, claiming future faith based profits as real, money in the bank, they painted rosy pictures of success and propagated these endless fundamentalist style affirmations with slick advertising. When these corporate advertising methods are applied to government activities it is known as propaganda. It is also known as lying. Lying on a monumental scale.

Now our government has run up an 8 trillion dollar plus debt while falsely touting success in it's economic policy which is as much a failure as the misguided war on Iraq which has failed to bail out the energy business pyramid scheme. As with all pyramid schemes it is the mass of people at the bottom of the pyramid who bear the brunt of this debt while the tiny group at the top get rich. Ken Lay and the other top people at Enron got away with hundreds of millions of dollars each while thousands of honest, hard working and loyal employees lost their jobs, retirement, health care and more. A few near the top were thrown to the wolves but most are still wealthy and still free. The slight of hand culture they lived and breathed still dominates the corporate world and our government. It is a demon from hell.

Thank you to Elaine Supkis at Culture of Life News Blog for this image.

Like Enron the main commodity they actually have is hot air. Unlike Enron they do not need to buy advertising on network TV and radio, though they do that too...with your tax dollars. They do not need to buy a 60 second spot on Fox because Fox is an extension of the Republican party. Roger Ailles, who manages Fox, was the campaign manager for Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush and Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, was good friends with Mr. Reagan and a staunch supporter of the corporate corruption that has made him rich with the help of politicians. Primarily Republican politicians. While "The Simpsons" and "Malcom In The Middle" may not be fascist propaganda, Fox News and it's extreme right passionate "pundits" are pure propagandists. Even the "liberals" on Fox are chosen to misrepresent "liberalism" as weak and anything other than the most bellicose form of outright fascism. Fascism being corporate controlled government by definition. Government controlled by people who have only their own economic interests at heart and will use all the tricks of high powered modern hucksterism. Circus showman P.T. Barnum, who said "There is a sucker born every minute", would be delighted with the evolution of his art.

This image thanks to Carl Muecke at

Whether you take hell to be a literal or a figurative place these people are clearly slaves to the evil of self indulgent materialism at the expense of others and at the expense of all but the flimsiest semblance of truth.

Tell the devil he's a liar.

This image thanks to Carl Muecke at

Monday, December 12, 2005

Power Of Nightmares

In keeping with the theme of this blog, dealing with the treasonous activities of the neocons, I am posting links to the BBC documentry "The Power Of Nightmares" which was broadcast in 3 1 hour segments.
"The Power Of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear"

I will add more to this post a little later- noel

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Nuremberg Revival

Nuremberg was the site of the post WW2 war crime trials of top Nazis but it was also the site of the Nazi regime's earlier rallies. These massive and tightly choreographed rallies were used to whip the population into a frenzy of exaggerated xenophobic nationalism and ethnocentricity. Germany had had a tough row to hoe having been the losers of WW1 and were being exploited mercilessly by the winners of that war including the U.S. among others so this emphasis on nationalism was easy to achieve with the help of corporate backing and it's Madison Avenue style advertising machine. The fact that this nationalism was being sold by international corporations was lost on the average German who only saw the display of "a sea of flags" and heard the talk of coming prosperity once the Nazis set things straight by force at these Nuremberg rallies. They declared that moral superiority gave them their God given right to cull the population of it's undesirables, the "genetically inferior" habitual criminals, drunkards, homeless people, homosexuals, mental patients, gypsies, Jews and other "races". This declared moral superiority also gave them the right, they claimed, to ban and imprison Communists and union leaders. In fact they started with these two groups.

The corporate powers who backed Hitler were not solely American but the Americans were at the forefront and the German industrialists who also backed Hitler and his Nazis were business partners with the American backers. Fritz Thyssen is the most famous name and probably responsible for the greatest German investment in Hitler. He later became remorseful and was imprisoned by Hitler. The American backers did not. Led by the current president's great grandfather George Herbert Walker, Henry Ford, Roland Harriman and President Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush, they continued to funnel money and munitions into Germany all through the 1930s and through WW2. Union Banking, created by George Herbert Walker and managed by Prescott Bush and both German and American Nazi party members to fund the German war machine, was shut down under the trading with the enemy act almost a year after the U.S. had declared war on Germany. Other corporations owned by these traitors, who had already tried to overthrow Roosevelt with an army of veterans, are believed to have operated throughout the war. Virulent anti-semite Henry Ford even demanded payment for Ford factories in Germany and (German occupied) France, which were producing vehicles for the Nazi military, damaged by allied bombing. The Nazis had been supplied by Ford and then other Americans from the beginning of their rise to power. Here is one article that appeared in the New York Times in 1922. It is unlikely that this obscure group of bitter kooks would ever have risen to power without the massive aid of their American backers. They embodied the anti-semitism and other racist views of anti-semitic Henry Ford and "Eugenicists"* including the afore-mentioned members of the Bush family.

Much of the raw material for the German military was produced in Poland's steel mills and, once the consolidation of the Germanic states such as Austria was complete, Poland was invaded. To set the stage for this a massive propaganda blitz was initiated by the Nazis who manufactured stories of Polish aggression. "Poland today launched artillery barrage on German territory", "Poland is massing troops near the German border" etc. None of this was true but it worked as a propaganda ploy with the German people and the German army marched day and night into Poland, stimulated by amphetamines and paranoid propaganda and powered by Ford, the Bush family and other members of the American aristocracy. The occupation of Poland also saw a most brutal escalation of the Holocaust; almost every Jew in Poland died in the concentration camps the most notorious of which was Poland's Auswitz.

All of this would just be history if not for the fact that, while the top managers of the Nazi machine were tried and punished, the owners of the Nazi party survived and thrived, remaining largely untouchable in the power structure of the American aristocracy and today they have consolidated power in the government by deceit and sheer corporate power. They have used the horror of the unopposed attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon the same way Hitler used the burning of the Reichstag** to whip up blind "patriotism" and used it to suspend democratic dialogue by tarring any who oppose them as unpatriotic, invented false stories to invade oil rich Iraq with no concern for the population of that country and have launched an all out attack on the middle and lower classes of this country.

Loving our country means loving democracy, freedom of speech and thought including religion, philosophy and, in light of our democracy, especially politics. It means tolerance of all sorts of people. It means fair trials for those accused of crimes and humane treatment of the incarcerated. The U.S. is not the property of a few very wealthy and powerful people; it belongs to us all and if there is an expectation of accountability for the least of us for anti-social behavior there should be accountability in greater measure for those who wield greater power. The indictments of "Scooter" libby, Tom Delay etc. are of as little consequence as the convictions of traitors Admiral Poindexter and Oliver North who sold arms to our Iranian enemies, operated terrorist death squads in Central America against the express wishes of congress and orchestrated the importation of gigantic quantities of cocaine and military arms into South Central L.A. and elsewhere in the U.S.

The Nuremberg trials in 1946 were a good start but did not go far enough up the chain of power and nothing less will save American democracy, freedom and prosperity now.

*eugenics- "purifying" the human race by purging "inferior" people from the gene pool; the Holocaust.

** The Reichstag fire was set by the Nazis who then blamed it on "Communists". The Reichstag is the German parliament building and it's closest American counterpart would be the U.S. Capitol building.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sun never sets on the "Patriot" act

The Patriot act was rushed through congress after the un-opposed terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 without being read by a single legislator. This "act", which takes away many freedoms and constitutional protections, weakens others and is largely ineffective in opposing terrorism had some of it's most un-American portions sunseted, set to expire after a certain amount of time. Congress has taken the oportunity afforded by the distractions of the misguided war in Iraq, Katrina and such varied things as Jennifer Anniston's love life and turning a couple's poodle into a boy to stop the sun from setting on these parts. The sun will be stopped tomorrow, October 24th, 2005 unless God intervenes.

Much of the Constitution was designed with abuses of the Imperial British fresh in mind and the 4th ammendment specifically addressed this issue;

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Hundreds, if not thousands, of libraries have been required to turn over lists of their patron's reading history at this point and the administration's claim that a warrant is needed is false in most cases and easily skirted in others. Now I would really not have a big problem with this, not too big a problem anyway, if they were honestly looking for terrorists. 75% of the people targeted under the cynically named "Patriot" act have been petty crooks and political opponents of the morally bankrupt Bush administration including more or less all of the democrats in the Texas state legislature and anyone who dares present them with the truth they cannot debate. On the other hand obtaining certified copies of my own logs from this, my own blog, has been a chore.

With all of this power law enforcement agencies from the top federal levels to the local police departments are still whining that they do not have the tools they need to enforce the law. Even with the legalization of "sneak a peek" activities, sneak into your "structure" when you are not looking, (which they have been doing for a long time anyway), warrantless wiretaps and all the rest they are "unable" to enforce the law and are still targeting people by dress code, ethnicity and economic status. If you have middle eastern characteristics you should be sweating; you could end up in Guantanimo for years, the rest of your life even, because someone dropped a dime on you, you checked out the wrong book at the library or simply the wrong cop ran into you on the street. We are not safer from outside attacks or inside attacks. The anthrax killer who targeted the enemies of the neo-cons has never been taken to task, heroin is flooding into our country from Afghanistan which is far from pacified and Haliburton is carting off billions and billions of dollars intended for the operations in Iraq, New Orleans and assorted other venues.

We have been riding on borrowed money for too long now. Massive amounts of borrowed money. Our national debt has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and payback time is coming sooner or later...sooner is bad; later will be worse. People have been shifting their investments from dollar based to intrinsically based and as we see the speculation inflated real estate market bubble begining to waiver the threat of an overall crash looms large with there being a good chance of a stock market crash to follow that might well dwarf the "great" crash of 1929 we will need protection in the resulting desperate chaos that follows and the Patriot act will not help a hell of a lot.

Cat Stephens won't be on your airline flight though.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey Noel, Great Site, I Really Like What You Have to Say ! More Power to The Truth Sayers !!!!